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Self-awareness, self-discipline, self-care, and self-control are all important characteristics of Queens. Learn from Cowives and Coaches Fatimah & Nyla as they share how to develop your femininity and personal power so you can live your best life whether single or married.

We understand both monogamy and polygyny. Successful marriages depend on commitment to long term personal growth. Sadly most marriages are unfulfilling but your coaches are here to help you with the tools to develop the marriage of your dreams.

Mastery requires a never-ending commitment to growth. Balance requires this growth to be in every area of life such as spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Learn as Coach Nazir navigates the journey from boyhood to manhood in what many call a Rites of Passage.

We have over 12 years of experience in polygamy. We are grateful to have impacted countless people across the globe and look forward to continuing our mission to empower people! 

Social media platforms can be challenging with bullying, trolls, and an overall gathering space for pessimistic and cynical people. To avoid that, we have created our own private & supportive community of like-minded People from various walks of life. Get details and join for free today!


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