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How Modern Marriage & Polygyny Looks

People's minds quickly wonder these days if 'real life marriages' (especially polygynous) are like those they see on TV or streaming on Netflix. That's a good question but unlike 'reality shows', there are no camera crews following us around in real life to get the moments.

The idea of traditional marriage has underwent some major changes recently. Things that were once considered taboo, like polygamy, are now being discussed and even inspiring some men and women to reevaluate their personal stances, positions, and situations. No polygamy (more than one spouse: male or female) or polygyny (more than one female wife) is not for everyone and we don't encourage it either.

There are some foundational principles that people must get a grasp on if they really desire to have fulfilling and joyous marriages. Of course every marriage will have challenges and the happiest marriages tend to have ways to work things out for the betterment of the family... they may not be secrets but the world of marriage is filled with mysteries that have taken some decades to unlock and we look to share some of those with you here at

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Navigating Marriage Minefields

Learn actionable steps from evaluating where you are and a detailed roadmap to get where you want to be safely

Have you ever wanted #relationshipgoals that reflected great communication, authenticity, and genuine expressions of love and connection? Most people live lives of quiet desperation.

Learn step-by-step in this free video series what it takes to learn the foundational laws of marriage, how to best communicate with each other based on who 'they' are, and how to design a fulfilling life within your marriage, whether monogamy or polygyny.


The 3 Undeniable Laws of Manhood

Learn what it takes to become a well rounded man who provides and protects with love, compassion, and justice.

Have you ever wondered what it took to develop leadership like a Malcolm X, passion like a Martin Luther King Jr, financial intelligence like Marcus Garvey, structure like Huey Newton, or outward and inward strength like Muhammad Ali?

Learn step-by-step in this free download what it takes to become and raise these types of men which the world so desperately needs.


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