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Why I, after being happily married for 15 years, married an additional wife

Salaamu alaykum/Peace, 

The topic of polygyny is one that generates lots of emotion no matter what side of the fence you are on. The absolute most frequent question I get is, "why would a married man want to marry another wife?" I answer the question as best as I can in the video

There are many myths about why a man would want to marry again and there are just as many conspiracies. Fact is, men, like women, are not a monolith so there are a plethora of reasons. We understand why women would like to pinpoint something; some just want to understand so they can be more sympathetic and helpful... which is very rare. We also know that many others would like to know so they can launch a counter attack in order to prevent it! That is always laughable but again, we understand. 

On the flip side, I hope to shed some light on why men, myself included, chose to practice polygyny when nothing was necessarily missing in my monogamous marriage. 

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Coach Nazir

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