My Friend Didn't Want to Meet my Co-Wife?


Salaam / Peace!

NEW BLOG ALERT!! It's time for a STORY time blog! In our new blog, Coach Fatimah discusses a recent Eid celebration in her community which was full of lots of laughs, funs and great memories! However, there was just one catch.

Oftentimes, when there are celebrations such as Eid or Jummah, many friends & co-wives have the opportunity to meet one another for the FIRST time. We all know that those moments can become particularly tense because our friends may feel hurt, defensive or just simply unwilling to even meet the new co-wife.

In all honesty, our friends don't have to meet a co- wife but what may happen if they were given that opportunity? If you're interested in learning more, check out our new video below!

You can check out the video HERE!

Remember, investing in you is always priceless.


—Coach Fatimah­čî║

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