Polygyny Basics- Does Polygyny Only Benefit the Man and Other Answered Questions



We have gotten so many questions as well as comments about polygyny from those who are in polygyny as well as those who have never understood why people would practice this ancient form of marriage that predates monogamy as well as Islam.  Yes, polygyny is not just for Muslims, and yes polygyny was practiced before monogamy became the standard. Islam just happened to regulate it where there are rules and restrictions when it comes to this marital union.

What is polygyny? Well, polygyny is where one man is married to multiple women. The key word is “married”. There are many times where polygyny gets lumped into the many forms of polyamory that it gets a reputation of “just benefitting the man”. Polygyny is the one form of “poly” that is family focused. Polygyny, when practiced accordingly, benefits all involved and expands into benefitting the community as well as preserving and building a strong, healthy legacy. When people think that polygyny is just for the benefit of the man, they prostitute what marriage is truly about. Polygyny is a form of marriage and with marriage come responsibilities and rights for those involved. When people diminish the idea of polygyny down to being used to fulfill the sexual desires of a man, then they don’t truly understand what marriage is all about.

In our video, we tackle these thoughts as well as questions such as:

“If a man can have multiple wives, can I have multiple husbands?”

“Can you be fair to more than one wife?”

“Is there jealousy in polygyny? If so, how do you deal with it?”

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