Let's Talk Healing: Taking off the Mask



  In our recent YouTube video we had a discussion about, “Healing” and why beginning your journey towards healing is important. We personally love these topics, as we all have very different journeys in our individual lives and marriages therein.  Oftentimes we are asked questions about our journey towards healing. And I have to say, I learn something more about the challenges and triumphs of others and I celebrate their growth. 

  Healing is of great importance because it assists in the healthy function of our mind, body and behavior. Life altering events can be difficult of course, but it is up to us to become self-aware and mindful of why we must heal. We make the decision to heal and we do not require the permission of others to do so. In what I like to call, “our recovery process” our healing will begin but it may not always be pretty but it is a necessary measure. 

   Our individual healing isn’t a “cookie cutter” experience. It’s a journey that is custom made by its designer to  which is, you. I learned to never compare my journey of healing with that of our husband nor my co-wife. We are all unique and amazing in our own ways but one thing is for certain, we all had to make a decision to work on ourselves and heal.

   Fulfilling relationships are not threatened by the healing of others. Healthy relationships allow others to evolve into their greatness without dictating what that should look like in one's life. Self-awareness,willingness to rebuild,patience and emotional resilience are just some of the components that will transform your life as you begin to heal.

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