Podcast: Heart Softeners- Regaining Co-wife's Trust




Have you ever been in a relationship where something happened that broke your trust? Was there ever a time when you've broken someone's trust? We know that when it comes to trust, it can take a long time to build and a moment to break. That is why we must be true in being our best selves. Why? Because we attract who we are. If we are trustworthy, we will attract trustworthy people, if not...well, you know.

I'm not saying that we may not play the fool sometimes. By that, I mean, there may be times where we are a little to trusting to the wrong people. However, there are also times, where we may have had a bad moment and may have done some things to cause skepticism in our relationships or we may have experienced it on the receiving end. What do you do if trust is broken? What about when you've breached the bond of trust? My co-wife, Coach Fatimah and I discuss this as well as regaining trust with your co-wife for those who may have experienced this issue in polygyny. Check out our latest episode HERE.

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