Podcast: Relationships with Bonus/Stepchildren



Our newest episode of Candid Cowives Conversations is now available and we decided to speak on relationships with bonus/stepchildren. Coach Fatimah and I recorded videos on our experience as well as best practices to take when you are building relationships with your bonus/stepchildren. After speaking on a topic that doesn't get much attention, we received many requests to speak and train on it more. In our Relationship Mastery Inner Circle I touched on bonding with bonus children in my training during our monthly mission that focused on BONDING. To find out more on our Relationship Mastery Inner Circle, click HERE.

Blended families are a norm in polygyny so when it comes to finding out how to create and build fulfilling relationships with the children who are not biologically yours, it's imperative that you know how to navigate those waters.

 Check out our story as well as tips we give on our podcast HERE.

Remember to always practice GLC. Make sure you are Growing consistently, Loving fearlessly and Connecting on a higher level every single day.

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