Stop Bringing Losers into a Winning Brand



I know that the title of this blog may cause some discomfort to many however, we must address the serious issues that can plague a winning team and in this instance, by winning team, I mean family. I've seen many women get involved with and marry men who are just not the right fit for their brand. The women may not have been sure about it at first but as time moves forward, they realize that they are not a right fit. That is not where the issues lie though. They lie within the fact that after it is apparent that they will not work to grow together, the woman stays and either settles or tries to force a square peg into a round hole and blames the man for the problems. We as women must realize we have a choice into who we allow into our lives, just as men have a choice in who they allow into theirs. That decision is important and we must treat it as such.

In polygyny, I've seen this in a way in which women would be upset that their husband chose to or brought up the desire to marry another only to say that he is immature, a cheater and does not take care of his responsibilities. Why marry or stay married to a person who you feel is inadequate for leading your team?

I go more into this in the video you can find here. I also give "Thought Prompts" that you can use to find out if you are building a winning brand with winners and not trying to drag people and make them into what they are not.

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Always remember to practice GLC, GROW intentionally, LOVE fearlessly and CONNECT on a higher level every single day!


💎~Coach Nyla

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