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5 Keys to Choosing Your Battles to Win in Relationships



We know that it is not always peaches and cream or sunshine and rainbows when it comes to building our best relationships. It take time, patience understanding among other things. What about when the going gets rough? What about the times where you just can't seem to agree or those instances that may set off certain triggers that can cause things to blow up in ways that can be hard to come back from?

We don't have to fight every battle that comes our way in our relationships. There are ways to get through the tumultuous times without having to fight or "prove you're right" every time. We must realize that we are on the same team, fighting for the same overall dream. If that is not the case in your relationships, then it is more than just picking and choosing your battles that you have to worry about. I created a video that explains 5 Keys to Choosing Your Battles to Win in Your Relationships and it also brings up the subject of "being on the same team" as well as removing the "versus" energy from our mindset. Whether we know it or not, this is an ongoing thing that is causing major division in our relationships with one another. Check out the video to get the 5 Keys and make sure you leave a comment and share, because "sharing is caring". 💎~Coach Nyla


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