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Salaam! Peace and Blessings!

We’ve heard the saying the only thing constant is change. Knowing that change is constant we must be conscious of making positive changes in our lives everyday. As I stated in other trainings, we have control over how we live our lives and in order to have better we must be better.

What are you doing to become better? Are you taking the steps necessary to live the lifestyle you want to have? Life is what you live, style is how you live it. When we treat ourselves well, things start to fall into place. We attract the things and people we want by who and what we become. It takes work. It takes action. So, what are we doing to design the life that we are meant to live?

Remember as you are creating your “dream life” that consistency is key. It will not happen overnight, and I know that can be a hard pill to swallow in our “insta” society. Greatness happens daily, not in a day. We have to respect the process.  I know you have what it takes and I am here for you every step of the way. If you are having a little trouble with getting started on your life’s design, here are a few tips:

1) Get adequate rest- this will allow your brain to be alert and ready to combat the negative talk from creeping in and stealing your shine. *Notice I said, “adequate”, because it’s about the “quality” not just the “quantity”.

2) Eat “real” food- this will give you the energy needed to grind out your day and make it happen. You will need fuel to sustain you. No putting junk fuel in that “luxury sports car”. I’m just saying.

3) Keep “good” company- this goes for yourself as well. Keep those around you that feed your vision, alleviate stress and tell you like it is. No Negative Nelly’s, you hear me? Even if you find yourself speaking negatively about that person who looks back at you when you look in the mirror, SHUT IT DOWN IMMEDIATELY! Find some positive traits about you and belt them out!

4) Get your stretch and workout on- this is great for body and brain; When we look good, we feel good, we do good! In addition, we are good to others.

5) Be a BOSS!-this requires setting goals, creating a plan and taking action! In other words, take charge of your life, your relationships and yourself!

Make sure you go through these steps and work on building a better relationship with you so that you can have that great relationship with others. 

Until next time, be true and be the best you!

Your friend, sister and coach,

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