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Our Muslimah Influencer Summit – How It Came to Fruition and a Recap of the Event


Our Muslimah Influencer Summit – How It Came to Fruition and a Recap of the Event


As-salaamu alaykum/ Peace

My co-wife Coach Fatimah and I had an amazing time conducting our Outstanding Personal Relationships Presents: The Muslimah Influencer Summit. It was a smashing success! We worked hard on getting things together and we are very grateful to the presenters for their contribution and their professionalism.

When we had the idea, thanks to our husband and partner, Coach Nazir, we took off running with getting it done. Because the world had been dealing with the “Rona” and the quarantine anxiety as well as the stress that it was bringing, we decided to put it together in a matter of a little more than 3 weeks. Yeah, I know, crazy short notice but like singer Jackie DeShannon says, "What the world needs now is love, sweet love" and we were willing to bring it with this summit.

That’s why we were pleased as punch to have the sisters who joined us in the event and we were overwhelmed with joy with the response that we received by those who attended the event live. Shout out to Umm Zakiyyah, Aliya Khabir, Mubarakah Ibrahim, Estela Rodriguez Jebril, Monica Boddie, Kathryn Jones, who joined us from the other side of the world, Fatima Omar Khamissa and Mecca Nandi, who all were amazing sports and are so much fun to work with. JazakAllahu khair my beautiful sisters!

We had our crazy moments when we had to interview Mubarakah twice because we did not record the first one and I had a crazy coughing fit in the second interview. Ah, good times!

Because of the overwhelming response and with so many people asking where can they access it and if there was any way they can view it again, we decide to make it into a course on our website at

We have a recap video of the event for you to check out on our Youtube channel HERE

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Always remember to practice GLC. GROW consistently, LOVE Intentionally and CONNECT on a higher level daily.

💎~Coach Nyla

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