Level up your life & unlock your potential with our "True Queens" Five week online course conducted by Co-wives & Coaches Nyla & Fatimah

True Queens Online Course

A comprehensive 5 module course, designed specifically to empower and equip women with the necessary tools and strategies required to unleash their full potential and seize their rightful place as a Queen in their personal and professional lives. This thought-provoking and engaging program takes a deep dive into the various aspects of self-discovery, personal growth, and leadership- helping women identify their unique strengths, overcome limiting beliefs and fears, and harness their inner power to achieve their goals and live life on their own terms. 


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Candid Co-Wives Conversations Podcast

In this free podcast, Coach Nyla & Coach Fatimah delve into various topics related to personal growth and relationship development. Some of the specific topics covered include how to manage feelings of jealousy, strategies for successfully blending families, techniques for transitioning from conflict to cooperation, and the importance of regularly checking your ego. The podcast aims to provide valuable insights and actionable advice that listeners can use to enhance their own lives and relationships.

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Outstanding Personal Relationships Education Campus

Your Polygyny & Relationship Education Campus designed to help you learn, grow, and experience higher levels of fulfillment in your relationships! From continuing education, CAMPUS-ONLY Live casts, to Meet 'N Greets, & Networking Mixers, you're going to enjoy this amazing campus experience.
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Equip Yourself with the Necessary Tools to Embrace Your Inner Queen and Live Your Best Life!

We are born radiantly royal. Oftentimes our life experiences and challenges have allowed us to lose that identity of how strong, wise, powerful and poised we are. This empowering course brings to light what we have inside as well as what we need to attain in order to take charge of our lives as True Queens.

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To All True Queens

Queens fix each other's crowns while providing a support system for one another because they are confident in their space as Queens.


True Queens know that at the heart of the matter, it's about complementing not competition.

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