What you need to navigate life and relationships as a True Queen

True Queens Online Course

A 5 module course that digs deep into what it takes to unleash your power as a Queen. With insight from a King's Perspective, you will receive a training unlike any other program.

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Candid Co-Wives Conversations

Join Coach Nyla and Coach Fatimah as they speak about all things "through the eyes of co-wives" in their podcast.  No topic is left untouched. Uncensored, Unscripted, Unbelievable!

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Blogs & Vlogs

Articles and videos with tips and anecdotes to assist in navigating through life. Topics include handling pain, jealousy, growth, relationships, and marriage, especially polygyny.

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A Podcast Like No Other

Coach Nyla and Coach Fatimah speak on all things "through the eyes of co-wives". The conversations are candid, but the content is undeniably rich as they shed insight on the good, the bad and everything in between

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The Tools You Need to Live Your Life as the Queen You Are

We are born royal. There are times that our life experiences and challenges have allowed us to lose that identity of how strong, wise, powerful and poise we are. This course brings to light what we have inside as well as what we need to attain in order to take charge of our lives as True Queens.

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Feature Blog Posts

Blogs and Vlogs that teach, train and give insight on how to develop fulfilling relationships and live your life as a True Queen

ONE thing we learned from Polygyny?

Why Being ANTI-Polygyny is Being Anti-Marriage

Co-wives Discuss: Pain in Polygyny

To All True Queens

Queens fix each other's crowns and provide a support system for one another because they are confident in their space. They know that it's about complementing not competition.

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