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What's it all about...

Finally a practical Manhood, Marriage, & Polygyny program that lays the blueprint upon which to build!

In the Kings & Kingdoms Manhood Program, you will learn;

  • Module 1: The seasons of your life how to setup your life's philosophies
    • Understanding where you are NOW is imperative so you can adequately develop a strategy for your stage
  • Module 2: I train you on the Three P's beginning with 'Protecting'
    • Learn the several ways of Protection that Men of Value & Kings demonstrate along with understanding why and how to do it in your life
  • Module 3: I train on what it means to 'Provide'
    • Providing for a family financially and the several other important ways which happen to be just as important
  • Module 4: I train on exerting 'Personal Power'
    • This separates the men from boys and Men of Value. Here is where the Men of Value and Kings stand out and thrive.
  • Module 5: Building a Kingdom or Practicing Polygyny
    • Learning about the different dynamics of polygyny and how to navigate it successfully including increasing your emotional intelligence, leadership, and other intangibles.
  • Module 6: Increase Your Financial I.Q. and acumen
    • I share several ways to increase your active and passive income in order to better facilitate the Three P's and have more options


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