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In The Next Several Weeks, You Could…

  • Be enjoying higher levels of relationship satisfaction
  • Increase your leadership and emotional intelligence significantly
  • Enjoy inspiration and healing by connecting with like-minded supportive people

The right people connecting in a safe space can create synergy unmatched and is where you feel at home.

What's Included In The Private Community...


Connecting with Like Minds

When you're with people who stretch you for the better instead of draining your energy, life is just..... better, you’ll be able to:

  • Connect with OPR's Coaches directly and participate in the QOTD
  • Get the support you need from the Queens ONLY Space
  • Connect with men only in the Kings ONLY Space for mentorship, strategy, and building
  • Get Access to Private Livecasts not streamed on Social Media
  • Anti-Troll safe space. No bullying, shaming, or bovine excrement

You’ll enjoy your home away from home and learn what it's like to have real family in your corner. 



All clients/students have space to communicate and network about the courses:

  • Iron sharpens iron so our students now have the opportunity to network and review course materials with others
  • RMIC Group Coaching space for those committed to accelerating their growth at a high level (extra fee)
  • Regular Private Livecasts for our client/student community

All OPR course members have committed to personal growth and some have expressed an interest in meeting others who may be interested in polygyny. We are NOT a matchmaking service nor desire to be, however course graduates are able to share their information and interest regarding marriage through the proper channels. 


The Art & Science of Outstanding Relationships

Your objective ability to evaluate where you are emotionally, mentally, and spiritually is paramount to a report card of your life, so our community members get access to tools and resources including but not limited to:

  • Video Library : Unreleased video trainings, Reaction Videos
  • HOV (Hierarchy of Values) Chart to help determine your CORE Values
  • Marriage Mission Statement Tool to develop yours
  • 7 Identities of Polygyny Chart for understanding its differing dynamics
  • Downloadable Worksheets & Challenges from your Coaches weekly

You’ll be able to chart your personal growth and development when using the tools we release for you weekly

This Community Is For You If...

  • You want to win at practicing polygyny
  • You want to connect with people who understand your situations and circumstances
  • You want practical strategies to increase fulfillment and joy
  • You dream of living a more peaceful and comfortable life
  • You want better access to Coaches Nazir, Fatimah, and Nyla