Who's to Blame When You are Unhappy in Your Marriage?



Being married can have it's share of ups and downs and that can be long before the "honeymoon phase" is over. It's a totally different environment when you are now living with someone and now you see them in their element and they see you in yours, flaws and all. Don't get me wrong, marriage can be and should be blissful, however there are some that just seem to not work out. Why? Who is to blame when the marriage turns sour? When happily ever after turns into clash of the titans? Can it be restored back to those nostalgic, romantic feelings that were there during the "I dos" and "I accepts"? If so, then how?

Coach Nyla talks about that in this video. She gives a tool to help couples see the best in each other and use that to build a successful enjoyable marriage, if that is what they are willing to do. She also explains how to not let familiarity diminish the love, care and concern you had for your spouse in the beginning. A successful marriage takes work, whether you are in monogamy or polygyny, and if the parties are willing to make it happen then the blessings of a happy, healthy marriage is what they can expect from living their lives with purpose, on purpose.

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💎~Coach Nyla

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