Subsequent Wife in a First Wife World



Being a subsequent wife is not without its challenges and I know that is hard for some to believe as we live in a society that believes that subsequent or incoming wives have it made because they succeeded in "taking someone else's man". I know that sounds harsh, however it is a harsh reality for subsequent wives to get shunned, disrespected and put on the back burner to ease the fears, tensions and ill feelings of an initial wife. This is not a versus or comparison post, it is one to shed light on the fact that there is a huge double standard when it comes to the respect and feelings of people in polygyny.

Whether you are an initial or subsequent wife, your feelings matter and any issues you may have should be addressed. You should be treated justly by your husband regardless of when you arrived in his life. We are all human beings, human beings with feelings and we must understand that we will be held accountable for the mistreatment that we inflict on one another, whether it is direct or indirect. In this video, I discuss my story as a subsequent wife as well as give tips to help other subsequent wives battle any insecurities and fears that they may have when it comes to polygyny, especially in a society where it is not widely accepted.

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~Coach Nyla

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