Podcast: Prepping Children for Marriage



I know that this is an interesting topic for most, however as we are "pro morals" we felt we had to touch on the topic of prepping our children for marriage. In Islam, we don't do the "boyfriend/girlfriend" thing, and those who do are not practicing what Islam teaches.

Now marriage is a big commitment and there is no one way to build an outstanding one. However, there are tools and tips that we use and that we've learned to improve on our marriages to make them outstanding and we teach our children those same principles. One of the tools that we have our children go through when they are seeking marriage as well as when they are starting their new lives as a married individual is our Relationship Mastery Inner Circle program. My co-wife Coach Fatimah and I speak about what shaped us when it came to marriage and romantic relationships and more on our latest podcast HERE.

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