Parenting in Polygyny: Prepping and Transitioning Children



As marriage and polygyny coaches, we get asked a plethora of questions. As parents who are in polygyny, those questions increase. How do you transition your children? How do you equip them to handle being part of a family that practices that form of marriage? How do you handle the fears, challenges or insecurities that may arise? Of course, these are just a few of the questions and the short, easy answer is through patience and communication.

However, we know that complicated situations do not call for short, easy answers. There are many elements to raising children in polygyny and assisting them in transitioning in an emotionally mature fashion takes effort, planning and a journey of patience and communication. Check out the video here, where I discuss tips on how to create a sense of ease for our children when transitioning into polygyny as well as how I prepared my children for the transition of being raised by a single mother to our life changing road into being a polygynyous family.

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💎~Coach Nyla


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