Loving You So That You Can Love Others


Salaam and peace and blessings to all of you!

I am soooo happy today (not that I am unhappy any other day). I just enjoy life and I've realized that the joy that I have for my life allows me to be a great person to others. The gratitude that I have for living everyday, puts me in a position to shine my light on those who surround me and who I surround myself with.

Now, it wasn't always like this, however, my story isn't unique or much different from others that include struggle, hopelessness, heartbreak and all of the other monkey wrenches that can be thrown into our lives. I was a suicidal teen, one who thought through a number of suicide attempts but was so unsure of herself, that she was afraid that she wouldn't succeed in pulling it off if and when she tried. (How's that for a crazy twist?) AlHamdulilah (all praise and glory is to Allah), that I was given the chance to love myself, forgive myself and believe in myself. Why? Because I now have a husband and children who I love and care for deeply, I have girls and women who I have assisted in changing their lives through my struggles and triumphs because they now know that they are not alone and through self love they can start the journey of healing and living.

Do you see how this ties into loving others? When you are happy, when you are experiencing love, you want others to feel that too. You know what that euphoric feeling is doing for you, how it is contributing to your life and you want to experience that everywhere you go. In order for that to happen, others have to feel and experience that as well. You are now that mirror to the future, the inspiration that shows how great life can be because your love for yourself has helped you become more and become better through gratitude and self-forgiveness. Others pick up on that and it becomes contagious, a beautiful epidemic that comes full circle and recycles into rewarding relationships, paying themselves forward in ways that we cannot plan, fathom or control.

So, love yourself, immerse yourself in personal development and forgive yourself. Our past does not have to equal our future, but we can use it as a learning tool as well as a stepping stone to be our best selves in order to create tidal waves of others being their best selves through our transformation.

Until next time, be true and be your best you!



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