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Leadership and Polygyny... Why it's Vital for Marriage Success


When I speak with brothers, more often than not, I get asked, "if there was one things you'd suggest, just one, that would help me in my marriage(s), what would it be?" I usually answer with the same answer and reply, "increase your leadership skills." View the video here and let me know your thoughts.

Now it's not the same increase your iman (faith), learn patience, or focus on your wife's needs advice that they hear often. Though all 3 of those are important, especially focusing on your iman, I've found that if a person is unable to lead themselves, it's almost impossible for them to focus on increasing in another area of life.

Leadership is measurable while the above things are not however if you increase your leadership, then the things mentioned above tend to naturally increase. So if you are a husband or wife or are looking to be one day, watch the video and learn what to focus on to grow your marriage and also understand that if this is missing or lacking, the quality of your marriage is likely suffering... if it's not already dead. I hope it isn't. 

Looking forward to hearing your responses and seeing you in the new FREE Member's Only area soon. Oh, here's the link again for the video of my answer.


Coach Nazir

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