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Polygyny Mistakes: Connecting with Bonus Children



Being married with children can have it's benefits as well as it's challenges, right? Now think about children in a polygynynous family. Do you think there are a host of other challenges that can arise? Can the benefits of connecting with any and all bonus children outweigh any challenges that could and may come from initial awkwardness, fear or uncertainty of being in a polygynous family?

I share my story about one of the polygyny mistakes I've made regarding my bonus children in this video. I also share some best practices as well as why it is important to create the bond or connection with your bonus children early on and how it can shave a substantial amount of time off the "getting to know you" curve. I also explain why we use the term "bonus" children instead of "step" children. Check out the video and leave your comments and questions below. We enjoy hearing from you!

~💎Coach Nyla

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