Can You Change Your Spouse?



Has there ever been a time, shoot, maybe multiple times, where you wished that your spouse was just a little different in some way? Have you ever thought to yourself, "maybe I can get him to change", or "if I did this, then he would be this way"? Has that ever worked for you? I know many of us may have these thoughts of wanting to change our spouse or spouses in some way or another and that is usually due to our selfish nature. Yes, I said it.

I am not exempt from this form of thinking either. We want what we want at times and we don't seem to look at the bigger picture when we only want things "our way". It's okay though. However, there is a way, actually several ways to get your spouse to live up to their greatness. Yes, greatness. We want our spouses to at least be great, right? I created a YouTube video that lays out a few of those ways and you can check it out here.

Remember, only your spouse can change themselves however, being a better you in the ways that are explained in this video can assist you in encouraging them to do so. Let me know how you utilize your power of influence in the comment area below.

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