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The Importance of Bonding with Your Spouse & What it Looks Like


As we continue on this theme of BONDING through the month of August it's only fitting that Outstanding Personal Relationships speak on bonding with your spouse. I mean, we are marriage coaches and yes, that includes polygyny, so what type of marriage and polygyny coaches would we be if we did not train on how to bond with your spouse? We did a video as well as a blog on bonding with your co-wife if you just so happen to practice polygyny and you can check that out HERE

Bonding with your spouse is very important and it takes being intentional in order for your marriage to not go stale. Have you ever heard the phrase "Growing apart" or "Being on two separate pages"? A lot of that comes from not being intentional with how you want your marriage to look as well as not being intentional on what you want your bond to look like. Check out the video that we posted on YouTube on why it is important to bond with your spouse and how to not allow your marriage to go stale and deteriorate.

Make sure you check us out in our Relationship Mastery Inner Circle where we will be training in depth on bonding and the steps to take to create cohesive bonds within your relationships. We go live every month with our members and you can find out more information about it HERE.

We look forward to seeing you in the Inner Circle. Be sure to post your comments and send any questions to [email protected]

💎~ Your Coaches Nyla & Fatimah



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