How Do You Bond with Bonus/Step Children?



Are you married to a person who has/have a child or children from a previous marriage? Are you in polygyny and you are trying to navigate your relationship with the child/children of your spouse? 

This could be a tricky part of relationship building and as crazy as it may sound, it depends on the maturity of the adults. Children take cues from their parents, whether it be good or bad and it takes proper communication, emotional maturity and the willingness to grow to make the bonding process stress and drama free.

I explain more of this as well as share my experiences in bonding with my bonus children in a video you can check out here. Every relationship is different and we have our own unique ways in making them work for us. Insha Allah (God willing) you can take some tips from our best practices and learn from our mistakes to build, bond and beautify your relationships and create the peace you desire and deserve.

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