Being Unapologetically Apologetic


Salaam! Peace and Blessings!

A friend of mine posted a question on Facebook about a week or so ago asking if people apologize anymore. I didn't have to think about it, because lately my experience has shown that it's hard to come by those who will apologize, even when they know that they are wrong.

I am one who apologizes whether I feel that I am wrong or right. Oh, don't get me wrong, I don't put myself in the position of being taken advantage of because I know why I apologize and I use it for good on all accounts. Apologizing does not make one weak or inferior, as others may think. It actually makes one mature, compassionate, wise and a plethora of other amazing adjectives. Why? Well, let me explain.

When you apologize, you take responsibility for your actions. You take responsibility for your part in the way the situation turned out. When you take responsibility, it shows a level of maturity that is respectable and it gives you power. Not power in the, "I have power over you, so bow before me" sense, but power to take control of the situation and how it will affect you after all is said and done.

If a situation ends in a way that is not favorable for the parties involved, it can unnecessarily burn bridges, occupy your mind in a negative way, and hinder your success throughout the day or for how ever long the situation goes unresolved.

Being unapologetically apologetic is being able to take responsibility for any actions that you've caused or could have prevented that could have driven the situation to an unfavorable level. It also means that you are secure enough in yourself that you can be the "bigger person" if need be and check your ego so that you can enjoy your life. It's not necessarily about the other person. It's about you, and working towards being a better you everyday.

So, being apologetic can result in a favorable outcome when it comes to conversations or events that could have taken a turn for the worse for at least one party, but being unapologetically apologetic can be favorable to both, because one receives a gift of care, care for one's feelings and possibly a way to diffuse an already heated situation. As I stated before, I am unapologetically apologetic, when I show up late for an event that I was invited to, I try not to make excuses, I'm human, so an excuse may slip from time to time, however, I apologize. When my husband and I are communicating and it is possible that he read my reaction wrong, I apologize. Why? Because I my tone could have been off or my body language could have been funky, but most of all, because for me, having peace in that situation is better than being right. That is one of my personal rules for effective communication in my marriage and it works very well.

Try it sometime with those you love and respect and make sure they are those who love and respect you.

Until next time, be true and be the best you!


Your friend, sister and coach,

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