Elevate Your Marriage(s)

Kings + Queens 5 Day Successful Marriage Workshops! Learn to Cultivate Higher Levels of Fulfillment & Joy!

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The Kings & Queens Successful Marriage Challenge Workshops is over 10 hrs of deep dive marriage training

  • Learn what's been holding you back from the relationship of your dreams
  • What to do about it, if you want your marriage to thrive like never before 
  • Communication skills that help to soar past your pre-workshop self
  • Advanced personal development strategies to achieve massive growth, FAST. 
  • How to handle recognize and situations when things start going sideways
  • So much more!

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You Get Full Access To All 5 Queen's Workshops that include the recordings, workbooks, and downloads:

  • Day 1: Maintaining Your Individuality in Marriage 
  • Day 2: Developing A Successful Marital Mindset 
  • Day 3: Using M.I.R.R.O.R Philosophy for Success 
  • Day 4: Minding Your Marriage (especially in polygyny) 
  • Day 5: Polygyny - The 3 C's of Success between Cowives 
  • Personal emails for students
  • Includes 60 pg workbook!

Get Full Access To All 5 King's Workshops which also includes the recordings, workbooks, and downloads:

  • Day 1: Growing from a Boy to a Man 
  • Day 2: Becoming a Man of Value 
  • Day 3: Developing into a King 
  • Day 4: Raising Your Financial IQ 
  • Day 5: Polygyny - Kingdoms & Legacy 
  • Personal email for students
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