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Relationship Mastery Inner Circle

$684.00 USD every year

Take the first step to choosing fulfillment and happiness because you deserve it!

What you'll get:

  • Immediate Access to Bonus Mini-Course Marital Communication Mastery
  • LIVE Monthly Access
  • Secure and Private Member's area
  • Monthly  Recordings
  • Worksheets/Downloads

We believe in the strength and life changing quality of the information we provide because of the transformation we have experienced and many of our clients. However, nothing works if you don't do the work so we expect you to do your part so everyone wins together.

What People Are Saying:

“They have so many different skill sets and talk about the holistic parts that make up the outstanding personal parts of your relationships. You have monogamy, polygyny, parenting and more and they are outstanding!”

Hasan & Na'aila Clay

“I've known Brother Nazir and his wives for years and watched them from up close. They are real and genuine and have helped me a lot during my polygyny journey. My co-wife and I didn't use to communicate and now we are close friends doing lots of things together. Check them out and bi ithnillah you won't regret it!”

Umm Dawood

“I've sought their counsel and they are friendly, non-judging, authentic, and really know their stuff. They aren't just teaching theory, they have been through it and truly understand the challenges in marriage and polygyny. After Allah, I can't thank them enough!”

Rebeka B.

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