What If There Was A Way To...

✓ Improve your relationship with yourself & loved ones

✓ Utilize internal & external personal development principles for future success

 ✓ Master healthy communication skills daily...WITHOUT falling for the same old ways that bring NO RESULTS


Salaam/Peace, I'm Coach Fatimah, and here's what I'd like to share with you...


There is a distinction between wanting an outstanding outcome & identifying who you are willing to become in order to live a life of true fulfillment.

 Meet Your Coach

I am the second born from a blended family and was raised by my grandparents. My background as an artist has led me to be a high demand interior designer and has helped me bring art into spaces of healing to foster peace.


I've been coaching and counseling sisters on design and relationships for over 12 years. As a wife of 26 years and mother of 7 children, I offer my insight and wisdom seldom seen in modern times, all of which makes an outstanding coach!

 Nourishing Fulfillment Coaching

The Nourishing Fulfillment Coaching Program will provide you with the solutions, tools & resources to overcome a number of different challenges, in order to achieve your goals.

Confidence, accountability, action and empowerment is the driving force behind attaining your desired outcome for long-term success.

Discover what makes you fulfilled, get rid of self limiting beliefs, behaviors & routines. Identify your goals and your passions through guided instructions to maximize your production.

You will also become more more mindful of your negative patterns. You will gain clarity for your present and future goals by implementing specific strategies which will support your success.

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Victoria Caldwell

"Coach Fatimah saved my life. Her counseling was what I leaned on when I was going through my darkest times. She advised me on things that I didn't know I would need until the time came.  It was her advice and counsel that kept me together. Allah knew (in His perfect wisdom) that I would need her and He put her in my life."

Ayse D.

"Coach Fatimah is warm through her empathy, inspiring by her knowledge, and ohh so funny in humour! With every session, she inspired me through her expertise. Gifted me with clear guidance, and simple directives. The sessions proved to have tremendous value as I experienced beautiful changes within myself, within my marriage, and all of my relationships. One of the many triumphs was when my husband told me how he felt inspired to also work on himself - and he certainly did! I would recommend Coach Fatimah to all women, whether single, married monogamously or polygamously, Muslim or of other faith. She has the heart, skill and knowledge that accommodates all of us."

Rebekah B.

 "Coach Fatimah is a coach who has put the work in and actually gone through the ups and downs".

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